Born in India,living in New York.

My career started in woven textiles and iI was experimenting with dyeing and weaving fibers of all sorts, in a studio setting.

Transitioning from studio weaving, to running a design business, and subsequently returning to the studio setting to work with wood and dye, my passion has always been color.

Artist statement

I am Inspired by Nature, her colors, textures and shapes trigger the creative spirit in me.

In doing so , I am drawn to look more closely at the artwork in the landscape around me. Layers of paper and dye together, have the colors and textures I want recreate.Paper can be colored and manipulated in such a myriad of ways that each painting leaves more questions than it answers.



1985-1989  Woven and knitted textile in Manchester, UK


Grants & Awards 

2006 - Edina Art Show, Best of Show 

2018- Honorable mention in Student Concourse 

Exhibitions & Festivals

2006 -2011 Annual Edina Art Show, and American Craft Council Show, St PaulI'

2008 - Boardwalk Art Fair, Virginia Beach.


Docent at Museum of Arts and Design

Enrolled at Arts Students League in Mixed Media, with Deborah Winiarski and Mariano Del Rosario.